WWII Vets Spotted Cigar-like UFO

cigar ufo
UFO sightings have been part of the human history. Even in the early times ancestors indicated that there are beings who do not originate on Earth.

In today’s world, citizens are blurred by records in the U.S. military that seem to contain sightings of aliens and unidentified flying objects. Here are some sightings that perhaps touch the international audience too.

On July 24, 1948, World War II veterans and commercials airline pilots Charles Whitted and Clarence Chiles reported that they saw a strange thing flying with them. They said that it looked like a dildo that they decided to evade it because of the fear that it may attack them.

What was intriguing about that sighting was the same report from a man named Walter Massey, who was a member of the ground crew station at a nearby Air Force base. According to Massey, he saw the same object an hour before Chiles and Whitted.

As expected, the military dismissed the report of Chiles and Whitted, insisting that what they saw was just a weather balloon. They also considered the possibility that the strange object was a meteorite. But the pilots rejected the military theory, saying that they are not new to seeing meteors and it is impossible for meteors to have windows.

Nevertheless, the Air Force investigated the sighting and ruled that what the pilots saw was UFO. But the military superiors rejected the Air Force report and that the object is not an alien spacecraft. They pointed out that the object was just an identified thing but it doesn’t mean that aliens were the pilots.

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  1. I have a family photo that has one if these ships in it. The old picture was taken in Hawaii,1951 by my Dad. My mother and sister and myself are in the picture but way up in the sky is a craft if some kind . Never noticed the UFO before

    • you never noticed the ufo in the picture? hmm how strange. by the way, were you all standing a a cruise ship? can you put it on here?

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