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Your UFO reports: 26th April –  3rd May 2014
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Patronis Rower’s, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 28-4-14 10.45pm
A large a disk shape object but similar to a stingray with a red light on the top slowly glowing on and off. Also what looks like several hundred small windows in the main body of object.

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San Francisco, CA – 4/28/2014 at 6:25AM

As I was in San Francisco’s Financial District, standing across the street from the TransAmerica Pyramid, looking East toward Embarcadero, I spotted a spaceship which looked like a moon, spherical with a ring around it such as Saturn has. It was glowing and had light shining from the core of it, but you could also see the reflection and shadow of a metallic cover. It appeared as a solid object in the sky with a bright Sacral Chakra Orange color to it. It was facing North toward San Francisco’s Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. I looked at it disbelievingly, looked down, then up again–it was still there, then I turned my head all the way to the right to see if it would be there again, but it had left, and I knew it left in the direction which it was pointing in. I have reported this to MUFON and have a case number of 55842. The attached photograph is only a quick sketch I did of it, as I was without a phone or camera at the time of experiencing.

Christina Westover –
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Portugal, Europe – 25 April 2014
Last, 25.04.104, at night at home when ​ filtering the day photos i saw the following sequence taken at ​12:17:49, 12:18:09, e 12:18:33.
​I can’t explain the photo taken at ​12:18:09 (IMG042014DG5_4818-2).
​I looked for lens problems or dust in the photos and did not found any.
As an ancient astronaut theory believer ​i think that captured an cylinder rod shaped ufo. (Pure luck)

​The photo’s were taken at following Google Maps coordinates, 38.896152, -9.188297 .
(Europe, Portugal, Lisboa, Loures, Lousa, Cabeço de Montachique)

[EXIF Settings – IMG042014DG5_4818-2.JPG]
Make: Canon
Model: Canon EOS 70D
Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II
Exposure: 1/80 seg @ f/22
Focal Length: 50mm
ISO: ISO 100
Flash: No
Tripod: No
Exposure Program: Aperture Priority
Exposure Bias: -2/3 EV

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Earth orbital space – 2014, April, 18
This is one everyone can take part in because it is on NASA video and made public. MUFON has received this report and I have not followed-up to learn their interest. I was watching closely the launch of the SpaceX test on the 18th of April. At around 19:36:00:00, when all the “action” was over and the video remained broadcasting I saw an object taking a bullet-path from Earth, clearly accelerating and then slowing to a position in front of the cargo section, pictured, inconsistent with the debris. Close-up of the ufo shows an apparent geometrically shaped object. Debris from the separation of ISS cargo section is moving about and revolving in the foreground, and the seemingly very distant ufo sighted behaves and appears nothing like the debris (as I point out on the attached image). Watch the NASA video for yourselves:

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Warrington, UK – 09/03/2014
Strange object spotted over the Town on Sunday 9th March 2014 at 4pm, wasn’t Birds, planes or any kind of regular shaped manned/unmanned balloon to my best knowledge, videos were taken on my iphone so bit jumpy as was trying to keep my son from running in the road. My partner witnessed these also.
I was taking my son for a walk on Sunday 9th March in Warrington, Cheshire at around 4pm when I noticed the strange black object floating above the houses. at first I thought it was a police helicopter as they are regularly flying overhead but did not have any flashing lights or propeller noises. I began to film with my iphone; The object was stationary for around 2 minutes then began to move north-eastwards very slowly. I quickly discounted the obvious, Plane, helicopter, birds, Lanterns or a runaway blimp!! Although their was very little wind the object wasn’t moving in same direction as clouds or wind.
A car came so I had to stop filming as my son ran out in front of the car. I rang my partner who came out and witnessed the incident, I began filming again as the object started drift North eastwards. It appeared to be a rounded object with a flat back. I then noticed a 2nd ‘white’ object had joined it (cannot make it out on the Video) they moved in tandem and then disappeared in the distance. Neither did any manoeuvres or appeared to be piloted intelligently but nonetheless peaked my interest.

Links to Vids below

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Barcelona – March 2014
Hey, I’m just wondering if you could help me with a photo my mate took in Barcelona about 3 weeks ago, he took it just as the cruise ship was leaving the port, he didn’t see or hear anything around when he took the photo, my father and I have come to the conclusion it could be a UFO considering there is some kind of electric charge surrounding it, please help, thanks.

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the field on Berrywood, UK – 2/10/2006
I was drinking a cup of milk and I looked out the window and I saw something that looked like a frisbe with half a ball on the top and bottom then I looked away and yelled for my grandma to come down stairs and, when I looked back all I saw was 3 orange lines on top of each other then they faded away

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Santa Cruz, California, USA – 1996, September 
I was living alone in a rooming/apartment house near downtown Monterey, California, in the summer of 1996. I was working part time as a nurse assistant. I went for a drive to clear my head, late around 10-10:30 at night on a week night. I drove for about twenty five minutes to Santa Cruz on the north end of the Monterey Bay. I cruised Main Street a couple of times and watched the young people and then just drove home. Except something very strange happened to me a few minutes after I left Santa Cruz after having entered the highway headed home.

There were only a couple of other cars on a long stretch of both sides of the highway and it was a starry and moon light night. I was in my old four cylinder Dodge truck traveling at about 60 m.p.h. and headed east on California Scenic Route 1 (Carbrillo Highway) south bound side, north of the shore by only about 1,500 feet and a State beach park called New Brighton Beach State Park. I was looking ahead of me at the highway and I was driving slouched slightly forward from fatigue when a large blue wall of light appeared directly in front of my truck at less than 12 feet away from the front end. It was a wide-screen like rectangle, and bright and it’s color was a bit darker than a sky blue. It was large enough to block out most of my field of view at the close distance which it appeared. At the instant it appeared it was low near the road and it’s top edge seemed about fourteen feet high. It’s right edge reached outside of the line along the outside edge of the right lane, which I was driving in. To it’s left it seemed to reach over into the left lane perhaps about where the left wheel track is located. Immediately I drove through it unscathed as far as I could tell. The entire event lasted less than 2 seconds. I remember looking out at the wall and then downward at the front of my truck as if expecting a collision. I recall the light crossed over the hood of my truck and my white paint reflected brightly upward a blue bar that moved toward me rapidly. In that instant I could distinguish the between the surface of my front hood and the bottom of the blue wall of light, and it’s bottom edges were sharply distinct, high-definition sharp. I would guess the bar was three inches above the hood – as if it couldn’t move through the engine block and had raised up very fast to move across the hood. It appeared to have a thickness, maybe of a few inches.I don’t recall noticing it raising up, just that it was when it crossed my truck, and it was definitely low in the road when it appeared in front me. My right foot had impulsively moved to press on the brake but I did not, I could not, it was too close. When I drove through it the light washed over me very fast. In the truck the light had filled the interior for half a second as if I were driving past a motel with significant blue neon lights.

“Did that happen?” Was my first thought. I looked about the interior of the truck, I looked out the passenger and driver’s side windows, in the rear view mirror it was just darkness and the faint red glow of my tail lights. I was puzzled for only a few minutes as to whether it really happened. I have never had visual hallucinations in my life. I decided it didn’t happen, I compartmentalized the event and continued to drive home. Right after I walked in to my apartment another puzzle occurred, it was past 12:30 in the morning and it should not have been to my recent memory. It should have been only about 11:45. It was only supposed to be less than a 30 minute drive home. Again I decided that it didn’t happen, that I had read the clock wrong at home before I left, and I must have read the digital clock on the trucks’ dashboard wrong also.

I psychologically repressed this event before I went to sleep that night. It was just too fast, too clear, too absent senses of touch, temperature, texture, smell, and most missing to my brain during the event was sound. Silence from the wall. Silence from collision with the wall. It was easy for my brain to dismiss the event as a trick of it’s own making and only a visual experience. My conscience also told me that if I proceeded to shout my encounter with the blue wall to the world, my credibility with friends, family and associates would be damaged. It told me I would be damaged, that my mental health may suffer a major blow, especially if I am unsure but mostly sure about what happened and my society finds the story to be incredible.

Now sixteen years later, after having been ill and weak at home for several weeks, and watching with interest more than a dozen UFO documentaries presenting dozens of credible witnesses and proven undisturbed photographs and video and film that could never have been faked, my consciousness has handed over the memory of the event to me, to come out without concerns of credibility to say “me too, I had an encounter of the first kind, and possibly far worse.”

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