Crop Circles phenomenon continues to expand

crop circles

The crop circle phenomenon is expanding to other countries, not only UK. Here’s the report from Tercer Milenio.

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  1. Those circles contain messages that show where we stand and where we are going…not to another place another place in comprension…that which those that sent the message have learned prior to them learning the same lesson we must reconcile and the reason these are seen all over the world is because we as human beings all will learn the truth relevent to that which occurred in the beginning with the first man and woman and no matter what religion the beginning is the key…

  2. Expanding through the world ? Why such a preference for GB ? And why do these intelligent beings display such a preference for circles – don’t they like squares, rectangles ?

  3. fred and the mrs. is about to settle on a location to set up a crop circle pizza franchise… We is gonna have more configurations than you fellas can shake a stick at…

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