Daytime video of a UFO over Atlanta, Georgia 28-Aug-2014

Atlanta UFO sighting

New daytime sighting of an unidentified flying objects hovering in the sky above Atlanta in Georgia. This was recorded on 28th August 2014.

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Witness report: Bright yellow light appeared suddenly in sky, hovered and then started moving slowly.
I was on my break at a gas station at the corner of 14th Street and Spring Street, looking up into the sky towards the north. Bright yellow light suddenly appeared in the direction I was looking, just above the trees, about a half or mile away. Then I grabbed my camcorder started taping and object started moving. At first it was hovering in same spot for about 5 minutes then it started moving, downward, when I started recording. At first I thought it was the reflection on a plane but it didn’t move. I look at planes all the time since I work around the airport. It was not a plane, not a blimp, or a helicopter. I finally lost sight of it as it desended and was obscured by the trees.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. How about stop bitching. Not everyone is a professional cameraman sat waiting with a tripod and $£40,000’s worth of camera equipment. The guy saw what he did and whipped out his phone to film it the best he could ! And good on him for doing so.

    It really winds me up when people complain about stuff like this. All of this type of footage is taken in the moment with whatever comes to hand. They aren’t film productions planned out in advance FFS.

  2. Yeah the whole shaking of the camera is getting old… This camera guy is that dumb to try to film through leaves and trees not ever a amateur would be this dumb.. looks like a spinning metallic balloon to me..

  3. And to this Stuart don’t get made cause people seen thorough fake.. not even a 80 year old man with a bad twitch would film this bad….

  4. Me and a few co worker saw something close to that in TocoHill area. It was very high, behind the high altitude jet trails. It did not move for a goog 20 minute. It was to the north, and stayed at the same distance, it was gray but brighter than the sky, but the picture came out like a dark spot. It was the first time I see a UFO, and I’m always looking. It was mid Sep, maybe18th. After my encounter I have more respect for others that expose any film or story since most people just make fun of you whenever you mention an UFO.

  5. Don’t let others intimidate you, it’s amateurs like yourself that catch this phenomena and have the balls to post. Nice catch keep your eye’s on the sky’s.

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