VIDEO: Amazing UFO activity over Taylors Hill, Australia 17-Dec-2014

UFOS Auustralia

Here are two interesting videos of a UFO activity in the sky above Taylors Hill in Victoria, Australia. Both of the clips were taken on 17th December 2014.

Witness report: Video #1: Two (Infrared) UFO Spheres over Taylors Hill
I was out for routine skywatching in the afternoon on the 17th of December 2014, when i noticed an anomalous object flying north near the suburb of Taylors Hill, Australia. As i was filming the object, another UFO was detected to the south-west of my house estimated 500 meters away. The object weaves backwards and forwards and displays maneuvering characteristics unlike any conventional aircraft.

Video #2: Triangle UFO formation 17th December 2014
I was reviewing the footage from a skywatching session recorded on the 17th of December 2014 when i noticed in a few of the frames a Triangular-formation of Three UFOs flying North near Taylors Hill, Australia. The objects appear as though they could be lights from a single Triangular-shaped UFO craft. The footage was filmed using a Pulsar NV/Infrared monocular with a 950nm pass filter.

Author: David F.

Video #1

Video #2

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      • I have been watching them every night it’s clear since 4 th jan last year. I had two go over my head 100 mtr so close I could hear them low rumble . One was a triangle with flashing red and white lights spinning around with white light flashing in middle of circle. The other one had straight sides round end with red lights outlining it. It also had white light flashing on and off in the middle. It had a bright green dome on top. Watched it for five six minutes as it floated over my head. I have over fourty videos. I can say that what everyone believes are satellites are et craft. Have seen over 5 hundred over seventy nights viewing since January 4 last year I kept a diary. Have seen them light up many times. I shine a lazer on them. Et doesn’t seem to mind. I was guest speaker at nsw ufo meeting at clib Redfern in April this year where I told them what I had been seeing. I have seen what these so called satellites are capable of. Their not satellites but then I guess you know that already hey. Regards Dennis from Lithgow nsw

  1. Your right, they are not all Satellites. But I’ve got some factual news for you and swear it on the lives of my children. Those shooting stars you see are not all meteors or falling space junk either.If I told you what I saw one such object that at first appeared to be a shooting star transform into you wouldn’t believe me.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with you re meteorites. I have seen plenty of what people would describe as meteorites but their not. Have been observing for a year now, almost to the day and I have witnessed amazing things. I have seen these ufo’s appear in a flash of light, the light seems to contract on itself. Our scientists still don’t understand the properties of light. I have watched these “sattelites” flash and pulse as they move across the sky. I have seen them light up and one had the same outline as the one I observed with the green dome. I have had an orange orb hover over me at 25 mts. I had one do circles over my head, I had one stop over my head whilst I was recording it on video last week. I have called this one old faithful as I have seen it many times and recorded it maybe ten times. It looks just like a very bright star moving across the sky. I don’t believe we can see satellites. Have done some research on them and the closest they can be is Leo “low earth orbit” which is 160 kms. Now I don’t know about you but if you can see a satellite from that distance then your eyes are better than mine. Now I know there will be readers who think we are over the top but to you who don’t believe all I can say is go out and look for yourself. I go out at sunset and watch for an hour and a half at the most. I look for the dim stars that are moving. The bright ones you can’t miss. If you watch long enough you will also see bright flashes/pulses and if your lucky you will watch them travel across the sky. Take note of their speed and direction of travel. I have seen them do amazing things. So go out readers and you won’t be disappointed. Regards Dennis fron Lithgow

  3. Really impressive footage! There are several types of UFOs no doubt, with possibly several species of hominid out there. With the increase of human population and video cameras and amateurs shooting we will see more as time goes on. Our selfish gov’t is being shown up all the time!

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