UFO video taken in Delhi, India 30-Mar-2015

Delhi UFO

New video of a two linked objects flying very fast over the sky above Delhi in India. This was filmed on Monday, 30th March 2015.

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  1. with all the digital image making tec why has no one got a clear believable picture of a UFO and if they had then it was probably photoshoped any way so come on lets see one !!

  2. It makes me laugh when people moan about out of focus vids. Most sightings are spur of the moment ones, people are excited and just eager to capture the shot. Phone cameras are good but they’re average compared to a professional camera kit, even by today’s high standards.People do not carry specialist equipment around in case they spot a UFO, nor do they carry tripods for a smoother shot. I daresay that if a clear picture really was, by luck, captured, most people would say it was CG’d or photoshopped. How about we get professional photographers to man the hotspots and get some decent pictures. Isn’t there a millionnaire out there who would pay two independant professional photographers, to take a 6 month hot-spot sit in?

  3. Hello guys after a small investigation I saw exactly the same video in April 2012

    And another in April 2014… Exactly the same pattern

    Something is wrong

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