UFO activity over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – April 2015

UFO Rio de Janeiro

Here’s one interesting footage of an unknown lights making maneuvers over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This happened in early April 2015.

What do you think these objects are?

Your opinion?
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  1. Very strange !! I wonder what they could have been? Where did they go when they dropped? Some kind or pyrotechnics ? Although I don’t know of any that could stay up that long.

  2. Thank you for using a tripod. If one doesn’t have one, they can prop the camera on anything close by. There are little bean bags for the purpose too. And the footage is very interesting.

  3. very cool lad well done for being on the ball .and getting some great video plz keep watching and letting the rest of the planet know wots going on in your back yard.

  4. Probably a tower burning to the ground. May be part magnesium metal dripping while burning. Also aluminum. Colors muted by haze.

    • that’s certainly plausible. i never thought of that. if that’s a tower though, it must be very far away to appear that high.

    • how is the hot air balloon not moving one inch? to keep a hot air balloon up we would be seeing the flare of the gas going into the balloon, and we would see that balloon all lit up.

  5. wow, what a cool light show! There have been similar variations of this kind of thing filmed before….this one was well filmed. Because it goes down at a fairly steady rate and seems to just land, I’m assuming it’s a man made phenomena, pyrotechnic….but the dropping lights are interesting. No other reports or films of this event??

  6. wow! your film, whether or not it is an alien ufo, is excellent. nice steady footage, very clear. excellent filming.

  7. Those objects are military flares new generation as they run out of thermal energy they lose the ability to stay aloft and drop and burn out.

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