Strange activity above Vallejo, California 2-Mar-2015

triangle ufo

This triangle-shaped UFO was seen and recorded in the sky above Vallejo in California on 2nd March 2015.

Watch the video here:

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  1. Many people, when filming a point of light and zoom in on it and get it into focus, seem to be disappointed that it just looks like a tiny point of light, so they adjust the focus a little to make it appear larger, which is the worst thing you can do because now it’s out of focus. If it’s a tiny point of light but in focus, leave it that way, it’s the only way to film it the way it’s supposed to look. I notice a lot of these videos where they fool around with the focus until the point of light looks like a diamond shape, or some other shape, and they think that’s the shape the object really is, it’s dumb.

  2. There was a couple of good shots during this clip. But omg, this lady really doesn’t have the foggiest idea about recording anything. I really thought at the beginning when she said hold on and started driving that she was getting a better view, but smack dab in the middle of a supermarket parking lot with all those street lights. I don’t claim to be an expert or would even say that I know a lot on photo or video. I do know in a instance like this you would want to be in a dark of a place as possible while shooting up at night time. She had that one flying right at her then over her head, but yes due to the lights you couldn’t see a dang thing then she doesn’t even try to follow it, she tries to refocus on the furthest thing in the sky, to lazy to get out of her vehicle maybe? I don’t know if watching this was good for me as I spent the entire time hollering at the lady and trying to move my Gpad for better shots.

  3. I seen my 1st ufo last night 6/20/15 here in stockton Californiam at 1st it seem to be a police helicopter because it was red and blue but it made no sound and was able to drift any direction left right up and down amd in a matter of seconds it was gone it was the most amazing experience i wish i had gottn a video but i swearive never seen ananything like that in real life still lost for words it was awsome

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