UFOs Are No Longer A Theory!

leslie kean

Leslie Kean will be on to chat about her extraordinary book, “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record.” Leslie spent two years interviewing military officers and government insiders with access to top secret files, about what they knew (and we didn’t) about extra terrestrial encounters.

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  1. Interesting subject matter; I’m fondly interested in UFO’s and like to here what others have experienced. I’ve never seen a UFO to my knowledge and would like to have a first hand experience. I wish more photographs were published but I’m sure there are issues with electronics in cameras and even film reactions to the fields emitted by these kind of ships. I always thought they are sensitive to “intentions” from our actual minds because they can blink their lights or become entirely invisable quickly. I hope we see actual contact in the future.

  2. You know most these people that say they have “new info” turns out to be quite old like Snowden saying “Ufos have underwater bases” and that’s “the big reveal” please!

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