Daytime Orb over Salem, Oregon 14-Jul-2015

Oregon UFO

 Here’s this daytime UFO video of a bright object or orb flying across the sky above Salem in Oregon.

Witness report: Walked to Clark Creek park in Salem with children and was talking and looked up and we saw and filmed ufo during the day
My small children and myself were walking around the park picking berries on a nice sunny warm day not many clouds in the sky, and we looked up and sighted a white round ufo stationary in the sky. It was around 5pm and I had my cannon camera with me and so I started to film it. My young toddler was crying in the stroller so I didn’t film it for long because it was distracting me and I couldn’t get the camera to be still in my hand but I still managed to get a great video of what we saw. A moment after turning off the camera I looked and it was gone. I told my 5 year old maybe it will come back and let us watch it after we pick some more berries and so we walked for a few minutes and looked and it was back again. It seemed to super slowly move a tiny bit if you were sitting still watching it. It was pretty amazing. It disappeared right in front of our eyes. Not long after seeing it we saw a white airplane roughly the same area and height in the sky. Comparing the size I would say the ufo was maybe half the size of the airplane. I wasn’t afraid and I wanted to see it again but we continued to the playground area and I looked a few times and didn’t see it again.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. Salem to Dallas Oregan are hot spots for day & night time orbs. I have personally seen several in Dallas at dusk. From Dallas look up towards the south-east at approximately a thirty degree angle, and be patient. At first I thought what I was looking at were satellites. Satellites don’t change direction, and suddenly appear/disappear. The question is what are these things, and why are they here?

  2. Hi I am the person who filmed and had this sighting, I had no idea it was posted here. Awesome. Yes, the blue part of the sky between the clouds and trees, I should have said the clearest spot visible. I had the total feeling of being watched and months earlier my husband and my self and kids were on a walk near that same park and he sighted some balloon like ufos and we filmed them and I uploaded them onto youtube.

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