Unknown lights hovering above Akron, Ohio 18-Jul-2015

ohio ufo

Here’s one new footage of an unknown craft with a red lights, that was hovering above Akron in Ohio. This video was taken on 18th July 2015.

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  1. There we see the same messages from those ufo’s which we must reconcile the lights in the sky and the term “UFO” is stating our condition in our space in time. Those same lights in the sky had been asking us that same question since the ancients and they were not logical enough along with their thinking they were god’s themselves or whatever they were following though the end result was where we are being lead to believe today we see in clearly in the last two words of the bible…”A Men”…that is that which was the line that when crossed was the time those ancient aliens with all that technology was erased because the message we are having disseminated to us since the beginning of time has to be reconciled or we are as ignorant as those before us…think about this without thinking its all about you if you are the most alleged quintessential scientist you are missing the point and until that is understood we are marching time or will only have so much time…so are we or are do you deserve the grade we see in “UFO” …its obvious someone did in fact do an act that deserved the grade of “F”…now is our chance to answer their question from the lights in the sky instead of asking them questions…that would only show how ignorant or misinformed we have been since the time of adam and eve or we are far from being able to comprehend the manner in which God teaches all his children here on earth…the most simplistic way to reconcile this is to review the betty hill star map and there we see where we are and where we will be if we do not change our behavior…though the scientist are so naive they think life merely came into existence without no God or supreme intelligence with the intent to teach his children how to act especially regarding women…that is why the 100,000,000 project will not produce the hoped for result when those that are sending the message do not have a clue about our connection with aliens that produced a map that was and is verifable evidence that the star map from betty hills abduction with her husband was the most important message we will receive from those that know where we are and where they are and thats not only in location though mostly have far have we progressed from the “F” we have been guilty of in that we do not show our disdane and determination to remove that kind of behavior from this planet and if we dont you can bet your assumed brillance that our society and maybe the entire world will have missed its last chance….”string theory reveals the sin and the paradox” via three scientific theories and a book by stephen hawking called “a brief history in time” where when information from all those sorces together does in fact reveal the answer to string theory and what is required to be accepted into the alien reality and the lesson that all life through the entire universe will have to reconcile that reality…up to you do you think maybe God is so much smarter that our brilliant scientist are totally on the wrong page….you dont answer a question with another question sure shows how much we are not listening or how little we have learned which happens to be the case…Ron Baker

    • Bloody hell sunshine. Calm down a bit.You are entitled to your gloomy opinion, but however interesting it’s a bit depressing.and not necessarily true.

  2. Yet another reflection, come on you can do better than this, if its not more pictures of reflection’s it will be lanterns, or balloon’s this use tobe a good site, now just more or the some rubbish

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