UPDATE: Amazing video of a triangle-shaped object over Melbourne, Australia


This massive size UFO simply appears in the sky. This was caught on tape by a well-known hunter UFO ‘Lou from Australia.

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A UFO hunter in Australia claimed to have spotted an alien megastructure in the sky above Melbourne. The UFO sighting video was uploaded to YouTube on November 13, 2015. It shows a large triangle UFO in the dark sky of the city.

According to the witness, the so-called alien megastructure remained visible for a few minutes before completely disappeared.

The YouTube video has sparked an online debate about the strange megastructure UFO’s nature. Some were convinced that the massive object in the night sky was a physical object, but some suggested it was possibly an optical phenomenon.

Many viewers also believed it was probably a physical cloaked UFO that abruptly uncloaked as if someone pressed the button to uncloak. The possibility of a secret military aircraft has also been brought in the comment section under the video.

Cloaking technology is an alleged capability of an alien aircraft that allows extraterrestrials to operate undetected in our atmosphere.

Those who believe it was a real UFO hovering in the sky above the second largest Australian city suggested that the big triangle has balanced wings, which can prove beyond doubt that it was of intelligent design – an alien mothership for that matter. The side edges on the flying object’s left and right sides allegedly show balance, which make many UFO hunters to think that intelligent beings designed it.

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  1. UFOs r real.. i believe that conducive environment for “Living” must exist in accordence to the Law of Probabilities in outer space: among infinite star systems, milky wave & galaxy etc etc, there must b “Others” also “Living!”
    Like humans, it’s a natural instinct to probe & search other areas in the vicinity. If v have the facilities, v tend to go “further” in our quest! Our intelligence creates that facilities to satisfy our quest: the quest to explore is insatiable!
    We are “probing” Mars now & also just “flew” out of solar System recently!
    If its acceptable that we, humans on this planet can & had been exploring space & other planets, why its hard to “accept ” that others are also doing?!?..

  2. Thank you Latest UFO Sightings, the video of a trianglular craft is not anything we have in the NASA program. Its a very interesting shot of a spacecraft.

  3. i would like the man from melbourne to get in contact with me as i dont know any other ufo watchers from other places.tvday601AToptusnet.com.au

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