Celebrity Ozzy Osbourne Visits Famous UFO Crash Site In Roswell, New Mexico


New Mexico City has been buzzing with a very famous visitor, Ozzy Osbourne. The rock and roll and reality television celebrity has been around the past few days around Roswell. He interacts with the locals and even snaps pictures with them. He was with his son Jack at the International UFO Museum on Thursday to shoot for the History Channel.

Not a lot of information has been revealed, but rumor is that it has something to do with the Roswell UFO Incident. Even without a proper announcement on the visit, Roswell residents still get a word in it. Roswell resident Jeremy Palma said that Roswell is a nice little town for famous people to come and enjoy. Another resident, Ernesto Peralta, said that it’s amazing people to come and have some appreciation for it, as well as aliens.

People have been spotting Ozzy around the small town, and some are claiming they noticed him at Wal-Mart. Ozzy snapped pictures with the locals in Chili’s last night. The photo has been spreading in Roswell and across social media. Although, he seems to try staying low key, the former Black Sabbath frontman has some fans around town who wish to take his autograph.

Many fans are hoping that Ozzy will stage a mini concert and play some music. The duration of Osbourne’s stay in the town isn’t clear as well as the date of the History Channel airing about it.

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  1. Good for you, Ozzy! I heard first-hand stories [eye to eye], with the 1947 Extraterrestrial Craft retrieval in Roswell ,NM. There were two downed craft, with three 3ft. beings inside each.(Downed from lightening storms.) Five were dead. Army Air Force nurse Matilda was able to communicate with the E.T. and eventually taught it [Aryl] to read English. The being was thousands of years old with memories of Earth’s past. There were five small coffins ordered – with a receipt. Convoys scoured the wreckage and retrieved it, while officers threatened the community if they talked. The gentleman that reported finding the craft, soon was tight-lipped and driving a NEW red pick-up truck! Jesse Marcel recanted his story about it being a weather balloon. Jesse Marcel Jr. talked of handling Extraterrestrial Craft scraps!Some had markings on them.(Military reports that all info on the matter was destroyed. [I hope not.])
    Oh, Ozzy! I am so glad you don’t decapitate little birds, anymore! America has embraced your family! Thanks!

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