Interesting Video Shows Fleet Of UFOs In Formation In The Night Sky Above Chile


A video has sparked speculations after it seemed to show a fleet of UFOs hovering and travelling in formation. The 5-minute YouTube clip shows some bright lights flying in the evening sky above Santiago, Chile.

The lights appear in a distance and look to be flying together at first. Then they start to disseminate like planes coming in to land in a holding pattern above an airport before they disappear altogether.

Titled “Fantastic UFO sighting in Santiago,” the video was posted online on December 22, 2015. Some are convinced by its alien credentials. One commenter says that the UFOs are too fast to consider them Chinese lanterns. However, others suggest that the video only shows drones.

Unusual flying objects have been spotted in Chile, making the place as a UFO hotspot. Andean, a town of San Clemente located 170 miles south of Santiago, has been an area of UFO sightings for the last 20 years.

Hundreds of witnesses reported mysterious shiny objects that fly, drift, and disappear. The town has become the nation’s UFO capital and one of the famous places to spot unusual flying objects.

The San Clemente Trail, which stretches for 19 miles, passes through the Andes and takes visitors to the El Enladrillado, a 2,200-meter high spot where UFOs are said to land for very close encounters with Earth.

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  1. why are airplanes doing that so low over a city? why do they have 4 lights across on each one? why do the lights disappear? where did they go after passing behind the building? there are some crazy pilots over there.

  2. All the craft are identical ! Why don’t we hear them communicate with each other, is it that they are on a supersonic frequency not known to humans ?!!

  3. If they are planes where were they from? Why would planes twist and turn? Could be drones but again from where? Any other witnesses? Until above questions are answered they are UFO’s (not necessarily alien craft but unidentified craft).

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