CIA Murdered JFK After Demanding The Release Of Top Secret UFO Files


It has been claimed that CIA killed former US President John F Kennedy after requiring the agency to release top-secret UFO files.

Kennedy was shot dead while in an open-topped car travelling on November 22, 1963, through the centre of Dallas, Texas.

The incident brought shockwaves not just in the US but also around the world and has created dozens of conspiracy theories.

However, UFO experts recently shared perhaps the most astonishing claim to date. They said that the president made a letter and sent it to the CIA head ten days before he was assassinated.

They further revealed that the president also made a visit to NASA’s base at Cape Canaveral in Florida just four days after he sent the memo.

In the letter, JFK seemingly asks the CIA to give details about everything it knows about UFO sightings.

The letter specifically asks a review of the high threat cases. It stresses the important to have a clear distinction between the knowns and unknowns. It also proposes an arrangement of the program of data sharing with NASA where unknowns are a factor. The president also apparently sent a letter to NASA requesting the agency to cooperate with the Soviets on UFO issues.

UFO conspiracy theorists believe that JFK was worried that the Soviets could mistakenly identify UFOs over Russia as spy planes. They also think that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who makes a promise to release all UFO files to the public if she wins, does not know it yet, but she doesn’t have the power to release such information. They add that CIA would kill Hillary before she could do it, just like JFK. They believe that Hillary will be too scared to release the truth.

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  1. I don´t think so that President Kennedy was killed because of UFOS problems, I believe he was killed for another thing. There´s a history that Vice President Johnson ordered to kill him.

  2. Hillary clinton is making promises she knows she can not keep as its just a ploy to get more votes ..just like everybody else before her .. PRESIDENTS do not have the power to make that call ..

  3. — And “the truth will set you free”!
    Thank YOU so MUCH on bringing some truth to the subject!
    This is connected with Marilyn Monroe’s MURDER! Because Bobby Kennedy leaked this VERY SAME INFORMATION to her! She was going to go PUBLIC!
    Peter Lawford knew about the suppository that was deadly!She had NO BARBITURATES in her stomach!
    At JFK’s assassination, SEVERAL CIA Agents were spotted with badges.
    A photo that looked like George Bush Sr. was at the scene, wasn’t authenticated.(?) Vice President Johnson told a female friend just a day before the assassination, ” Kennedy will be taken care of in Texas! I won’t have to worry about him, anymore. –“.
    There was a set of finger prints at the Bank Depository Bldg., that was NOT IDENTIFIED until DECADES LATER! The prints was from a hired killer used several times by Lyndon Baines Johnson !! LBJ hired him to murder his Sister’s Boyfriend!
    “On and on — .”
    Thanks to LBJ Library, there was info that really made him an accessory to more than two murders. (A movie has been made. It lets you be the judge.)
    JFK wanted to share our Top Secret Intelligence UFO data.

  4. I read a book in late sevent ies about mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe. The investigator doing the research discovered that JFK was confiding in Marilyn in something and was very distraught about it. FBI had her line tapped and most likely murdered her because she was a loose cannon and she would definitely divulge the secrets JFK was spilling to the press . Sources close to her said she had fight with him and kept telling him “The world needs to know about this”

  5. The assassination of JFK was in planning for months before the actual event. Its clear that he merely wanted tactical information in regard to possible threats and the possibility of mistakes in identification that could lead to conflict with the enemy. The black budget men in charge of the secret wouldn’t be interested in doing him for that. If he insisted on seeing the ET artifacts and started pulling strings they would give him the lengthy runaround first. If that didn’t work then it would be the time to consider a bullet.

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