Fast Moving UFO Over Oregon


A witness in LaGrange, Oregon claimed to have spotted and recorded on video a glowing, disc-shaped UFO. He reported the sighting to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and it was filed in Case 53207 of the organization’s witness reporting database.

The reporting witness was with his wife outside on a balcony enjoying a barbecue when the object made an appearance around 10:05 p.m. on August 15, 2013.

The husband knew at that moment that it wasn’t ordinary. He was taking the video when the mysterious object blasted off so fast or disappeared.

MUFON received the report of the sighting on January 3, 2014. Oregon assistant director Keith Rowell investigated the case and closed it as unknown.

Rowell stated in his report that the witness saw the aerial object maneuvered around a bit. It had a reddish/whitish color that flashed randomly and appeared to be glowing. Both witnesses believed it was disk-shaped and had a dome and windows. The video doesn’t show it, but it does reveal an unusual and fast-changing, lighted object.

While investigating the video, Rowell could only think two possible identifications for the UFO, namely, the hobbyist RC aircraft and burning balloon-like object. However, the UFO’s characteristics don’t fit all to both RC object and burning object.

Rowell explains that an RC object doesn’t vary in shape too radically several times and its color does not vary from virtually washed out white to reddish/yellow. He adds that lighted RC’s internal image structure would be more regular, even if it were programmed randomly as light show type of RC craft.

Rowell further explains that a burning object would have been fit the random look of the UFO in the video, but the UFO’s movement doesn’t fit well with characteristics of a drifting, airborne object.

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  1. There´s a video from Sao Paulo, Brazil, that shows a sighting very similar to this. It was filmed during january 2016.

  2. its been 70 years almost and all we get is lights in the sky and the same old remarks …swamp gas.balloons .Chinese lanterns.meteors etc .and now they have another called drones .just another object to throw in the mix for skeptics to explain it away. this comment has nothing to do with this sighting above .but are we not all tired of the same thing over and over again and again as its now 2016 and no governments around the WORLD will actually admit that they are REAL… the lies and deception is so tightly kept secret i am starting to believe we may never truly know the truth EVER..

  3. Last night I saw what I believed to be an advanced military jet fly over my city of Corneall Ontario Canada. I was standing on my balcony around 7:30 give or take (pm). I had heard what I thought to be thunder and continued by business but thunder normally phases out. I happened to look in the sky to see what the noise was and very close nearly on top of my vision was a slow moving space craft. It looked brownish and something from star wars. Lol. I believed it to be military but the next morning there was no mention of it in our local paper or the news.

    Bo I did not take any footage of it unfortunately I had a great view so quite unfortunate. Looks very similar to the top picture of the articles mentioNed on this website.

  4. reminds me when ever there is an anouncement of the space station is going to fly over my area. I go out in my yard. and search the sky. and beleive me i always see something.lights very similer to this make a long story short whenever you hear the iss is flying over your area go out and search the sky. astronaunt kelly is trying to tell us something.

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