Important Things To Know When You Spot A UFO


Are you wondering what to do if you see some strange things and surprising bright objects in the sky? Well, it is always a good idea to watch it and enjoy the experience that may come once in your lifetime.

It will be helpful to researchers if you can note where the object comes from and to what direction the object goes – especially if you care to report your sighting later.

If you are with someone during the sighting, you need to agree on the object’s shape and take note of your location from the object, and the time of the sighting.

When it comes to reporting, don’t contact the Air Force as they stopped collecting UFO sighting information in 1969. Also, don’t  call the media as most of them think that people who do such thing are either nuts or hoaxers.

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If the UFO has landed or if it present danger to public safety or property, then you’ll better call law enforcement. However, if you just want to share your UFO sighting, don’t bother the police as they have other more important things to do than to hear your story.

If you want to register your sighting where it may help UFO researchers, it is recommended to file a UFO sighting report to the Mutual UFO Network and to our report form.

When reporting, state the color, shape, size, direction of motion and tell if there is any sound coming from the object. It is also helpful to include the city, town or village, as well as the state of the sighting. Other people might report the same sighting, and this helps UFO investigators to correlate mass sightings.

UFO sightings tend to increase during Spring. If you see one, just enjoy the experience.


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  1. Also I might add, its important to include in your reporting along w/location,time & particulars noted above, is the season your in ie; winter,spring,summer or fall if your in a location that has seasons if not the month/date it occurred. Also helpful, note anything unusual, out of place you notice in your surroundings at the time, other than the UFO, ie; strange weather (winds,lightning with clear skys or odd cloud formations), odd sky color, anything out of sorts, even any personal affects it may have on you at the time ie:(headaches,dizziness,loss of time,etc) and of course any photo/video evidence you can obtain. Thank you LUFOS for this post.

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