Breaking news: UFO Crash in Yellowstone 18-Apr-2016


These two videos were just published online but there are not any additional info about this alleged UFO crash in Yellowstone National Park, which is located in US states Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

If you have any additional info, please leave comment below.

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  1. I didn’t see any UFO, but when I do, and I have a camera with me, I hope the orchestra is standing right behind me.

  2. all i see is smoke….? what makes them think this is a UFO crash, no video of an aircraft of sorts going down, what caused this smoke…who knows..?

  3. Its a UFOnic creation – like all the rest of them – They are pointing to the ground or in a sense ” that the trees are representing the word ALIVE and since there is no ” black smoke ” it has to be a so called ” UFO

  4. In my opinion it is not a ufo crash.
    the alleged smoke trail in the video shows as it is getting higher the it starts to be moor focussed in a sharp line while the lower part is dissepating in the wind.
    Could be a small hobby rocket wich was launched.
    OR old big yellow is warning us 😛

  5. why all the activity this spring?i saw an orb here in yukon just outside whitehorse back in 2001 and a couple other unexplained crafts that in my opinion were also orb type ufo that changed color the first one was mettalic and oh so fast scary fast

  6. If UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object and we don’t see any object then it stands by definition to be a UFO. Smoke is just the tell-tell sign of something that was in the air that is now not in the air. I would think that someone would have investigated to see what it was that crashed.

  7. this website has thought me so much i thought they were true but now i’m defenet i cant wait to meet these mind boggling creatures for myself i’ve learnt so much from this website thank you

  8. Airplane’s Contrail for sure. Yellowknife is located at the very north hemisphere, ppl will see the earth’s arc, so the contrails will look as it disappeared behind the forest tree, all because of the arc.

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