About 18,000 Mysterious Sightings Spotted On a World Map


Many people are awakening to the fact that humans are not alone in the universe. For the past few years, there have been a dramatic increase of high-ranking political, military, and other figures coming forward to share their experiences.  There was also official documentation released by governments worldwide. Unidentified flying objects, as they are fondly called, are the century’s most controversial and intriguing mysteries. According to a report, there are 70,000 UFO sightings worldwide. Whether or not it is credible, some people are confident that they’ve spotted something suspicious. To gain a massive understanding of what these encounters mean, Stepchild GPU has analyzed data from 18,000 sightings being reported. Programmed in 1991, Stepchild GPU is a highly innovated graphic processing unit from Silicon Valley.

The maps can visualize data according to green dots (sightings) and white dots (duration of sightings). In other words, the United States lights up compared to the rest of the world. Could these encounters be experimental weather balloons or government planes? Does America spotted more UFOs, or conduct Americans research out of reasons to see humans as the center of the universe? Whatever it is, one thing is apparent: If aliens are not fiction, they do not adore or value the Great Plains. To admire the impressive visualization, one is not forced to believe in aliens. Every light represents that someone is searching for. At the root of each haunting, green light is a mind searching for the dark. These are beacons rather than a data point overlaying on a map.

More today, hundreds of theologians, thinkers, and scientists have attempted to answer whether or not there are extraterrestrials. According to some, the speculation that these alien spaceships are from another world is a foolish and absurd proposal. Others assert that they are not only possible but may be technologically advanced who visit the Earth regularly. Are these saucers a product of our imagination? Or, are a genuine people love to dismiss due to fear? These are pertinent questions that an individual must address.

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  1. The problem is : 40% of the american poeple doesn’t know that the earth turns around the sun. Stupid poeple are ready to believe in everything…

  2. It appears that MOST visited is the USA and little less in Canada and much less in UK and Europe but significantly Japan, so it goes to show that aliens know of freedom and democracy, hence the visits, for all we know, they would someday break their elusiveness !

    • actually i think it’s because american sightings are the most widely reported sightings. other countries are not so quick to report, either out of fear, ridicule, or they just see sightings as quite common occurrences. there’s no way sightings are mostly confined to one continent.

  3. Another theory is, that GOD is universal and it seems that they probably even know God and whilst faith is observed they may also be given strict instruction by almighty that they should NOT reveal themselves just yet ?!!

  4. If there are aliens why don’t they land in a populated area so we all see them then we would know there real ,,,,,why because there all made up in America sad bunch of idiots, wasters only Americans

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