Past UFO and Crop Circle Clips: Are We Fascinated With Aliens?

crop circles 2014

Even in this age, where science and technology have boomed so significantly, the mystery about aliens rests with the anonymous possibilities of knowing them. According to other experts, a lot of us do not even accept that aliens are a detail and not imagination. There are many kinds of stuff about aliens that people think about. However, with the contradicting answers due to the different views, experience, and perceptions of people, everything about them looks to be a complete mystery. When will the mystery uncover itself? As soon as it reveals, will it give you the answers you were looking for?

Much of the fiction genre is covering stories about alien species. Why are aliens so fascinating to writers and readers alike? Well, alien species are blank creatures, we can do with them what we like. This recently discovered video of a strange object caught circling a secluded field might prove that alien theory does exist. The clip was filmed in Wiltshire near Oliver’s Castle. It has a small white dots that appear to be hovering haphazardly above a cornfield. As the objects travel around the field in circular formations, it appears in the corn beneath and suddenly disappear, leaving traces of mystery circles in their wake.

Crop circles have appeared since the 1980s and became the subject of paranormal investigators. While many believe them as a sign that extraterrestrial creatures are communicating the Earth, some scientists discredit this theory. According to a research professor working at the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space, the ‘thing’ cannot be scientifically proven.” Therefore, the mystery runs on. Despite the controversy, the particular video has resurfaced. Whether or not you believe in aliens, the question of their existence still exists. According to a foreign expert, there are over 200 species visiting Earth regularly. Meanwhile, in the North East of England, the sightings have had enthusiasts convinced of their existence.

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