Ancient Aliens: The Wisdom Keepers S11E07

ancient aliens

Ancient Aliens – The Wisdom Keepers
History Channel, Season 11, Episode 7
24th June 2016

The Aborigines of Australia are the oldest, continuously surviving society on Earth. The stories preserved in their oral tradition are said to date back over 60,000 years, to an era they call the “Dreamtime” and contain fascinating descriptions about how life began and our planet was seeded by extraterrestrials. Linguistic experts have just discovered that many of these indigenous legends can be scientifically verified by examining the geological record. Ancient Astronaut theorists propose that if the Aboriginal’s oral traditions are indeed this accurate, then perhaps the tales they tell about sky gods visiting Earth in large, fire-spewing crafts are true as well. Could the ultimate evidence about our extraterrestrial past be found within the sacred stories, sites, and rituals of Australia’s Wisdom Keepers?

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  1. What is happening TODAY in Ref to Aliens and UFO’s and USO’s.We know the Gov’t is deep into their Technology.So why not share it with the people. They have a lot of things that would make our lives better…..

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