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Presented in this movie are the details of an unknown Alien form of communication. UFOs are appearing in the sky in group formations that match major Galactic constellations in Space. Ancient structures such as the Pyramids of Egypt also reflect these same galactic constellations within their layout and design. Today with the aid of video cameras, “smart phones” and the internet, these galactic UFO formations are being seen by billions of people worldwide. Clearly, a sophisticated coded language is now being broadcast all over the world through the distribution of UFO videos and has also been memorialized for all time through the placement of ancient pyramids and sacred sites. What does it all mean? Join us as we discover are true place in the cosmos. The information presented in this film will force every Nation around the world to confront the reality of interstellar and other worldly communication.

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  1. There is a good amount of information. However, Redundancy is not admirable with an Educated and/or Informed audience!

  2. mr damon if you read this I would like to have you contact me about the code which via string theory reveals that answer I think you would want to know ..

  3. The whistler has truly done a blow job, who’s kidding whom ! It’s a darn shame that those who believe in ET’s tend to go astray with a whole load of this type of BS !!! SHAME ON YOU !!!

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