Latest 2016 crop circles


Here’s the compilation of the latest crop circles that were found in Europe:

  1. 16th June; Ox Drove near Wylye, Wiltshire, UK
  2. 21st June; Chilcomb Down near Winchester, Hampshire, UK
  3. 23rd June; The Ridgeway near Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, UK
  4. 24th June; Fulley Wood near Tichborne, Hampshire, UK
  5. 28th June; Ringslebenstr, Großziethen near Berlin, Germany
  6. 28th June; Blackwood near Popham, Hampshire, UK
  7. 29th June; White Sheet Hill near Stourton, Wiltshire, UK
  8. 8th July; Stonehenge near Amesbury, Wiltshire, UK
  9. 11th July; Northfields near Twyford, Hampshire, UK


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    • look
      But they are working with lights, and several hours in the night.

      Some very large circles have been reported to “appear” in much shorter time, so that does solve only part of the mystery

  1. obviously someone is trying to tell us something- these circle designs are intricate..and must be seen from a higher vantage point.. could not be done without alot of supervision from the air..and a large team of people..even then they would not be as appears they are alluding to planet relationships..and earth…there language may be denying they are beyond our comprehension.

  2. The seven pointed star and cresent moon next to stone henge .. thats the symbol for E.a or Enki, the father of man according to sumerian tablets. I find that interesting.

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