Ancient Aliens: Russia’s Secret Files S11E12

ancient aliens

Ancient Aliens – Russia’s Secret Files
History Channel, Season 11 Episode 12
12th August 2016

Russia is a vast country, spanning over 6 million square miles of some of the most rugged terrain on Earth, much of which is uninhabited and largely unexplored. It is also the home of ‘cosmism’ — a belief that human civilization originated in the cosmos and is destined to return to space. But many believe the rise of communism led to a wall of secrecy surrounding ancient and modern extraterrestrial contact in Russia. Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that otherworldly visitations predate the establishment of the Russian nation, and point to the ancient settlement at Arkaim as evidence–a centuries-old megalithic site that, like Stonehenge, is oriented along astronomical lines. In addition, tiny metal coils and springs recovered 30 feet beneath the Ural Mountains may indicate the presence of advanced technology on Earth thousands of years ago.

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  1. Ineresting theories in this video, most of which are very logical and probably true. We are still children in our universe and until we can control our greed, stupidity and violence, we don’t deserve to know the truth, in case we currupt that too.
    Someday we will learn more about what is happening but we aren’t ready yet, well, unless something catastrophic happens and all the govenmental facts are released.
    I think that we are still being observed, our planet is supplying commodities for aliens who seem happy to keep most of the information very quiet. I agree that if proof of alien intervention on this planet were made known, there would be chaos, so as much as I’d like to know about it, things should be left to unfold in stages.
    The most obvious problem will be religion. If you substitute the word ‘Alien’ for the word ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’, most of the bible except for the strange ancient phraseology, would make so much more sense.
    Ancient civilisations accepted that their ‘gods’ appeared from the stars and could perform miracles, fly etc., so why can’t modern civilisation? It is because we are so convinced of our own superiority that it would shatter our egos to find we are not as advanced as we think we are.
    The truth will only come out when we can admit to being children and as children, are ready to start learning.

  2. Both the above are valid points. The vast majority of mankind is not ready for the truth, but I think the open minded minority is slowly growing in number. If you have an open mind rather than a closed one the truth is obvious.

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