Witness Claims UFOs Performed Multiple Late Night Reconnaissance Flights Over A City In Arizona


Orb-shaped bright light UFOs were spotted in the sky conducting multiple low-altitude flights. The incident reportedly took place over Chandler City in Maricopa County, Arizona in a three-hour period on the evening of August 19-20, 2016.

The unnamed witness reported the sighting to Mutual UFO Network, which filed it as Case 78571. He believes that the spaceships of alien origin may have performed five separate reconnaissance flights over the city on the evening of August 19 and early hours of August 20. The two UFOs may have been extraterrestrials as they were not something he had ever witnessed.

The witness recorded his encounter and submitted a report to MUFON along with three separate videos showing strange aerial activity in the sky.

The first sighting took place at around 9:15 p.m. PST, northeast direction. He was then with friends during the sighting that lasted approximately seven minutes. Together with friends, he watched the UFO hovered in the night sky very brightly.

As they tried to get abetter position to see what was just transpired, they noticed two smaller lights below the larger UFO.

The strange UFO lights hovered on the same spot for few minutes before one of the smaller objects disappeared. The other smaller UFO also vanished moments later, leaving only the unidentified flying object with a large bright light in the sky.

The remaining lone UFO then started to drift in the sky towards west until it also vanished, according to the reporting witness.

Because they were apparently overwhelmed on their first sighting, it did not come to their mind to record it on video.

They saw the same UFO about an hour later and this time, the witness managed to record two videos of the sighting that lasted approximately five minutes, but, as the witness admitted, they were of poor quality.

Fortunately, the witness was able to record a better video on the third sighting. The third clip shows an airplane flying with blinking navigational lights at first and then the mysterious UFO becomes visible. The strange object appears to fly at a lower altitude than the plane as it moves slowly westward.

As he tried to zoom in the object, the orb UFO changed into a doughnut-shaped circle. After the UFO had disappeared, it reappeared again after 30 minutes and accompanied this time by another UFO. But, he missed recording the sighting on video and did not give any reason in his report.

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  1. I live close to an airport and a few miles further, a military airbase. I could be photographing dozens of high lights, (no sound) every night of the week and twice on Sundays!They are high flying planes!!!!

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