Two Unidentified Flying Objects Recorded On Video Passing Across The Supermoon


There was an increased interest in the moon recently as it came closer to Earth. However, one man claimed he noticed more than the supermoon when viewing it in Surprise, Arizona on Saturday evening.

According to YouTube username Rondomon, two strange objects passed by the moon on November 12.

The cameraman claimed he caught two UFOs while taking video of the supermoon with NexStar 6se telescope.

He said that he zoomed in the supermoon and walked away, but this was the time UFOs started their flyby. He described the UFOs to have distortion surrounding them, which he speculated to be a bending light.

The device he was using was a Sony handy cam with 5x optical zoom, 38x telescope magnification, maxview 40 lens, and manual focus at .9m.

Many UFO enthusiasts called the UFOs odd. They described them as solid because the light of the moon can’t be seen through them.

In the video comment section, some viewers agreed that the mysterious objects are UFOs. One viewer even claimed that she also saw a UFO passed by the supermoon on November 13 in Phoenix, Arizona. She reportedly saw it with her naked eye and it looked like the UFO in the video posted on YouTube. Her boyfriend reportedly described it as if it was a little black ant crawling on the moon. The girl depicted the sighting as so strange but very real.

YouTube username Jugganaut7 thinks that they are just leaves blowing in the wind, but admits calling them UFOs is in the context of UFO definition.

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  1. These black dot things is a complex subject. It’s been told to us that they are satelittes but it doesn’t fit what solarium tells us about their orbit trajectoy and actual position.

    Plus there are some of them clearly under the moon gravity field (you can tell when you see the shadow of the object on the moon), and some other that you can see passing by the moon that are in earth’s gravity field and much more close to us.

    Crrow777 has been covering these for years and has countless hour of footage of them, this subject is not something new. Check out his YT channel.

  2. These are clearly helium balloons…. That “Weird movement” of theirs is just an optical illusion caused by the smaller end of the balloon spinning around in the wind while being silhouetted by the moonlight.

  3. can you not tell those are balloons off in the distance? it’s very clear when you slow it down. please stop saying everything is a ufo when there is always an explanation 99% of the time.

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