Two Types Of Invisible Terrestrial Entities Identified


Nuclear physicist Ruggero Santilli claimed to have detected invisible entities living in the atmosphere of the Earth. Harvard-educated Santilli published an article revealing the existence of these mysterious invisible entities, which are the black and bright type. The Italian-American said that they are completely invisible to the human eyes.  Dr. Santilli added that these beings could be spying on human activities.

Interestingly, Santilli, who runs an energy, nuclear physics, and optics company Thunder Energies Corporation, said that these entities appear to be performing unauthorized surveillance of sensitive military, industrial, and civil installations. He suggested that the government should answer the question about the real identity of those invisible beings.

President of the Corporation, Dr. George Gaines, said that they learned the reality is much bigger than they originally thought. He stated that there are things that are invisible even using a standard telescope.

Dr. Santilli said that they were able to identify two different kinds of invisible terrestrial entities or ITEs and added that more types of these beings might be identified in not so distant future.

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  1. Well, perhaps there is some energy out there, in fact we saw something when we were kids, a single cloud with extreme light,,,, this was in the 70’s

  2. Rather than fringe science, might Dr. Santilli be 30 years ahead of the rest of earth scientists? So far ahead of the rest that some of his theories are not accepted at this early time?

    Having read some of his research it looks that he may be quite far ahead of the rest of earth science at this time.

    Is there any doubt that our planet is being monitored by advanced civilizations? Might it be that Dr. Santilli has discovered traces of some of their surveillance technology?

  3. However long you have lived, realize that you don’t understand and will not ever see all that actually exists. As everything is a miracle even you, your thoughts, your body and your consciousness. When a being who can’t even explain in details it’s own existence, it’s arrogance and ignorance confirms what it doesn’t understand.

  4. Well I see them all the time and they is real and they are everywhere. I see them on every Material object and living thing even trees but they main Source have to be in the sky. When I look at the clouds they form almost Instantly right in front of my eyes they even start moving my way and stop right over my head and just look at me with changing faces and blinking eyes…I have video and pictures to prove this

  5. Yes right, about this invisible terrestrial entities,we caught them on CCTV as what he said they are invisible to the human eye,and i myself believed it because we seen it and we encounter it back to 2018 unbelievable but its true..our evidence posted it on Youtube,if you wanna see just click,CCTV PHENOMENA 2018 PHILIPPINES

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