Couple Runs Home and Locks Door After Seeing A UFO Above A Famous Beach In Cornwall


A couple left mesmerized after spotting a UFO hovering over them in the sky while on a night stroll along Portreath Beach in Cornwall.

Just a few weeks ago, two women claimed to have seen a huge UFO in Penzance that left them shocked and in awe.

Sharing their sighting in Portreath, a woman known only as Miss Couzens said they were walking along the beach when things started to get eerie. She added that they were watching the ocean when noticed that they could not hear it. She described the environment before their sighting as peaceful.

They were on the bench by the café sitting down. Then they noticed everything went silent as soon as they looked at the ocean. They started to feel eerie, and they felt like they were in a different time zone.

They looked up and saw a UFO they described as massive black boomerang object, which made them sitting frozen and staring this unknown aerial thing. As they left mesmerized by the UFO, they heard a humming sound and the UFO just disappeared.

The couple stated their sighting took place on Monday, February 20.

After their UFO sighting, Miss Couzens said that they ran from the beach, went home, and locked their doors.

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  1. funny when I saw a UFO low overhead, I ran into the house and locked the door and put a chair against it.
    Fat lot of good it really would have done.

    • i know isnt that the truth they can travel light years into the wherever and to put a chaair against the door is not a deterrent for such developed and advanced minds i lke your perspective and realization thanks for sharing….”:o)

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