A Genius Boy Says Humans Live Eternally – Martians Still Live In Underground Cities

indigo children

A boy who lives in the town of Zhirinovsk of Volgograd region in Russia made his parents worried about his fascinating talents. Named Boris Kipriyanovich or Boriska, the boy was born on January 11, 1996, and since the age of 4, he has been visiting Medvedetskaya Gryada, a well-known anomalous zone near the town. It appears that Boris needs to visit the mountain regularly to get his energy needs.

Boriska’s parents, who are known to be nice, educated, and hospitable people, don’t know how others will perceive Boriska when he grows up. The parents say they would be happy to talk to an expert regarding how to raise their wunderkind.

His doctor mother noticed that as a baby boy, he could hold his head in only 15 days after his birth. Four months later, he could utter the word “baba” and soon after, he could speak simple words. He had no difficulties reading newspaper headlines at one year and a half. And at two years old, he began drawing and learned painting six months later. He started his kindergarten at the age of two. Tutors noticed right then the genius boy’s language skills, different memory, and remarkable quick-wittedness.

The parents witnessed that Boriska not only got knowledge from the outer world, but also through strange channels. They saw the boy reading unknown details from somewhere.

The mother said that no one has ever thought his son, but he told them specific facts about Mars, planetary systems, and alien civilizations.

When the boy turned two years old, space started to become the permanent item of his stories. According to Boriska, he used to live on Mars and added that the planet is still inhabited until now, but in underground cities after the planet lost its atmosphere due to a mammoth catastrophe.

The boy also claimed that he used to fly from Mars to Earth to do research. He further claimed that he used to pilot a spaceship during the Lemurian civilization. He said that the Lemuria died because they stop to develop themselves spiritually and eventually broke their planet’s unity.

The boy told his parents after reading Ernest Muldashev book titled “Whom We Are Originated From” that Lemurians were nine meters tall and lived 70,000 years ago. He also recollected pyramids and shrines when reading Muldashev’s second book “In Search of the City of Gods.” The boy said that ancient knowledge is not under the Great Pyramid of Cheops, but under another pyramid, which has not yet been discovered. He stated that human life would change when the Spinx is opened, which has opening mechanism behind the ear, but he could not remember exactly.

Boriska, who is one of the so-called Indigo children, said that he has no fear of death as they live eternally.

He also revealed that Martians mostly breathe carbon dioxide. Though he came from Mars, he breathes oxygen when in a human body, but he stressed that it causes aging.

When asked by specialists about the reason human-made spacecraft often crash as they approach the Red Planet, he replied that Martians destroy stations containing harmful radiation through transmitting special signals.

Indigo children start to appear on Earth as a token of the coming major transformation of the planet.

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  1. Our youngest Daughter had past life memories/fantasies. They were incredibly rich in detail and message. Much we don’t and likely can’t understand. It’s not coincidence that the more World and Self aware they get the less they can remember past life experiences.

  2. They should revisit this boy as he should be around 21 and a little more grown up now. To see if he still is active as an Indigo Kid.

  3. Boy says in the video something like “2009 or 2012 comes great flood that affects everybody on planet earth” I think boy is hoax because nothing happened.

  4. If Boris could remember better, i would probably believe he knew anything that is claimed here. However the stuff he does say is pertinent and accurate to a degree.

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