Amazing video: UFO making maneuvers over Decatur, Alabama 17-May-2017


Here’s one new really interesting footage of a so-called fastwalkers that are making a maneuvers in the sky above Decatur in Alabama.

Witness report: These are clips from a 20 min recording of a star like object changing directions, hovering, no sound was heard. The recording was made with a infrared low power telescope

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. Although its motion is ‘non-ballistic’, and can’t be a satellite, it could be a bug/bird. Why would ET fly around so chaotically (first object)? The other ones flies more like you’d imagine a scout ship to.


  2. I believe I know what we are seeing in the video. I think these are bats going after prey… With no depth of field with this IR or low light cam there is no way to gauge distance to the objects of course. It is very easy to mistake these for very fast moving ‘craft’. I do believe they are bats though… The echolocation spurs their chaotic flight patterns and I have seen this quite a number of times before.

    In one case I can detect wingbeats as the light of the ‘object’ flickers at a rate consistent with the wingbeat of bats. And then at 4:19 in the video you can see one fly much closer to the camera. In that case the fact that its a bat is obvious. I didnt see that one until the end but during the first review I began to suspect they were bats we were seeing.   

    My assessment in this case is likely bats going after insects and exhibiting erratic flight as expected.. 

    Chief Photo/Video Analyst

    • at 4:19 it does indeed appear to be a bat, ..but i also believe this creature was inconsequential to the whole video, and was caught as part of the risk of filming at night, like catching a bird at daytime, i do not believe this is what he was trying to say was thee UFO, but the other objects filmed were not bats or birds…are they ET’s, i do not claim to have the superior knowledge of our universe or indeed the thoughts of an ET(as to whether they’d even want to visit earth) to say for definate that this definitely is not an Alien. I will say though, that i think it looks pretty compelling.

  3. i just arrived home from an 11 hour drive, returning from a family vacation to lake martin in Dadesville Alabama. My wife and i saw the same “roving stars”. We were in wonder as we watched one after another come in to view; i have never seen anything like it. I am so moved by what we witnessed last night( 7/14 )I had to reach out and relay it to someone as soon as we arrived home. I feel a sense of relief knowing others have witnessed the same event. Good on you for capturing it on video! I am 51 years old and have spent the majority of that time living in a rural town. THESE WERE NOT BATS. I am not labeling them as alien-I wouldn’t count out U.S. ingenuity. Truly humbling event.

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