Dr. Steven Greer Interview With Carol Rosin


The Atacama Cover-up: How Global Disclosure is being hijacked by the Intelligence Community AND Close-Encounters of the 5th Kind: The Ultimate Civil Disobedience Action.

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  1. I remember the appearance of the Dr. Steven Greer a time ago and have it in some very different memory, when he looked so vital, strong and full of energy, especially in his last videos regarding the topic ‘Sirius – documentary’ from 2016. Now, when looking this video here, I’m so much scared to see him so much and unexplainable grown old, as if ‘something’ or ‘someone’ has sucked all energy out of him. What the hell happened to him?
    This is very strange and even shocking to see this so tough guy now in a so strange and scary condition. Is it just the ordinary result of ‘growing old’ or is it something very alarming ‘sign’ – if someone goes too deep into something, then something ‘strange’ can happen…? Very unusual at all, so here my hearty greetings to Dr. Steven Greer, with tears in my eyes…..

  2. To add – found in google (copy in):
    Born: 28. Juni 1955 (Age 62), Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. – END –
    By the way I as this writer here am in age of actually 64, born in 1953, December.
    And by comparing my image with his image – it appears as an unbelievable gap, just like he lived ‘with me’ in all the time, but then a sharp interruption took place, which hit him out of our ‘shared’ living – the TIME. As if he has been hijacked and ‘been taken out of our room-time-continuum’ and later brought him back into our real time in actually 2018 – to see a wreck now as the remains of him…… WHAT the hell happened???
    And HE – or should I say what has been left from the former strong and energetic man? I am very sorry to see you now, dear Steven Greer…..
    I’m just missing words, but I do know that there’s something behind……

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