One Of A Kind UFOs Spotted In China


The leapfrogging flying objects above Chinese skies spark alien invasion claims. Famous UFO researcher Tyler Glockner, who runs Secureteam10 YouTube channel, uploaded a video allegedly shot from China showing several strange flying objects appearing in the skies of the country. The UFO researcher argues in the video that several witnesses in the great nation have shot the same sightings a few days back, and it made multiple people think that an extraterrestrial invasion is imminent.

The UFO sighting in China appears to be very different from the traditional videos on UFOs people have seen previously. The recent clip features a leapfrog nature of the objects in the skies.

Tyler Glockner revealed that many people had seen the UFOs and many recorded them on videos. Their team dubbed the mysterious lights as leapfrogging lights or leapfrogging UFOs as they often jump or leapfrog over one another. When one light disappears, another one will appear in the front of it, explained Glockner.

Some conspiracy theorists have argued that the strange objects are actually a one triangular UFO making continuous spin.

The video of the strange event soon went viral on YouTube. Some viewers of the video put various theories about the unusual sky phenomenon.

One viewer says that it looks like a rotating triangular object and others suggest that the leap-frogging lights are the apex lights on cloaked TR3B rotating very slowly.


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  1. When are you going to stop showing anything that Secureteam clips?
    Everybody but you seems to know they are nothing but hoaxers.

  2. Those lights in China were interesting but NOT leapfrogging as you notice on the beginning of that film you can see the last light start to disappear but is rapidly climbing to the left and up , same goes for the next light. When they blow the film up you can see it too. This possibly is the real McCoy..What would Leonard say…

  3. leapfrogging isn’t the correct term. you would have to see the light actually moving over the other one to say that. these lights just appear a disappear.

  4. OK, wow. I saw something very similar at my house in N. FL. the other night. My whole family saw it. The lights did the same thing but sort of stayed in one location. One would fade in (not POP in like that), move over a bit, and fade out as another faded in in the same location the other began. There were also MULTIPLE little twinkling lights surrounding them.

    I don’t believe any of this is aliens…but (IF it’s not something that’s man-made) part of a demonic deception that’s coming.

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