Massive triangle hovering above Selma, North Carolina 31-Oct-2018


Here’s one new video of a massive triangle hovering above Selma in North Carolina. This happened yesterday.

Witness report: Massive triangle hovered over my house. Was walking my dog and noticed some strange red lights in the sky, they were shaped like a triangle. I had my phone in my hand so I filmed the whole event. It was a massive triangle shaped craft, at first i thought it was a group of planes but i quickly dismissed that. The object was huge and was blocking out the stars as it passed, there was no sound.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. The location of the three lights seems to be changing every moment which is evident from the fact that Angle between each of them is channging. Perhaps they are more than three

  2. I live 45 minutes east of Selma and that same day around 4:30 pm I was in downtown Kinston and something caught my eye to my left but it was silver and couldn’t really see the shape but it was bouncing from one spot to the next and wasn’t a cloud in the sky but only looked at it several times real quick because I was driving so I pulled into the farmers market so I could try to get a pic but it was gone. I’m surrounded by our local airport and Seymour Johnson AFB & Cherry point & Camp Lejeune so I see everything from Air Force 1 to Ospreys anything our military has on a daily basis. But it wasn’t round it was more of like a cube shape but like I said couldn’t really tell because I’m jus guessing that it was 15000 – 20000 feet up. Haven’t even mentioned it to anyone because I’m hoping I’ll see something on here about it.

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