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Strange UFOs in the sky above Paris, France 3-Jul-2016

July 6, 2016 // 6 Comments

Here’s one new UFO video that was filmed on 3rd July 2016 in the sky above Paris, France. Witness report: One of the first convincing nighttime sightings I recorded with my Sony A7s camera. While I was pointing a laser to some stars in the sky, two clear objects flying […]

The UFO Incident in Trans-en-Province (1981)

July 4, 2016 // 0 Comments

This happening took place on January 8, 1981, at Trans-en-Province, France. An unidentified object was seen landing in the yard of Nicolai. Despite the drawback to this case due to the single witness that validated the landing, he still gave a full account to police authorities, making him as a […]

UFO Close Encounter at Valensole, France in 1965

July 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

Conspiracy theories will always fascinate us for many years to come. The exciting part of Conspiracy theory is that it gives us information that not too many people know, or not everyone is going to believe. It usually connects to the UFO. In July of 1965, Maurice Masse, a farmer […]

Openness and Honesty About Aliens and UFOs in the UK

June 9, 2016 // 5 Comments

A video that shows David Cameron promising to be open and frank about extraterrestrial life has increased hopes of an official announcement of the existence of such life outside planet Earth. UFO hunters are expecting and wishing that US President Barack Obama will go public about it before leaving the […]

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