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Triangle UFO over Shrewsbury, UK

December 23, 2009 LUFOS 3

Latest UFO sighting recorded this Monday (21st December 2009) over Shrewsbury (Shropshire landmark), UK. “UFO investigators claim to have captured video evidence of a strange […]

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UFO footage from Moscow

December 22, 2009 LUFOS 0

Recent UFO (нло) sighting over Sokolinaya Gora (“Falcon Mauntain”) – Moscow, Russia recorded on 21st December 2009 at 10:01 pm.

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UFO over Ihle, Norway

December 20, 2009 LUFOS 0

Latest UFO footage from Ihle, Norway recorded on 10 December 2009. Object takes off from somewhere in the distant and hovers around. Blue, white, red […]