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Uncovering the Mystery 7,000-year-old Ubaid Lizardmen

June 17, 2015 // 3 Comments

Just about every mythology, you’ll find something in the line that God created human beings. Creation doesn’t mean creating something from scratch – This is true for the statute discovered 7,000 years old. Al-Ubaid is Arab tribe in Iraq settled in Kirkuk. During the 18th century, the tribe has migrated […]

UFO in Iraq filmed from Apache helicopter

November 16, 2010 // 16 Comments

I found this interesting UFO footage recorded in Iraq from Apache helicopter . Allegedly this happened right before the intervention of the army in this village. The exact date is unknown but I hope I’ll get more information soon – or if you have it, please leave a comment!

UFOs sighted by marines in Iraq – 2008

March 22, 2010 // 1 Comment

UFOs sighted by marines on patrol in Iraq on 2nd January 2008. Most recent – Latest UFO sightings – LUS 2010. ovni reports and evidences – files and documents, videos and photos. Aliens forum! 2012 bunkers.

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