Aliens In The Middle Ages


Bizarre photos of headless men, dog demons, and other strange creatures are in a new book titled Medieval Monsters. These frightful and fantastical beings illustrate religious tomes and Middle Ages’ traveling texts, which some believe evidence that extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth longer than previously thought.

In reference to the British Library manuscripts, Medieval Monsters collects the unworldly beings that were thought to have once dwelt in remote areas or undiscovered corners of the globe.
Sailors feared such creatures, which even possibly held sway over the minds of Christopher Columbus and other legendary historic explorers.

Damien Kempf and Maria Gilbert, compiler of Medieval Monsters, said that people in the Middle Ages questioned the significance of beings outside of humanity during the fifth and the fifteenth century. People in these times thought that monstrous races lived on the edges of the globe. Some believed fabulous races were against nature while others thought they manifested the power of God to make different life forms.

The 13th century Psalter World Map illustrates the medieval mind’s concept of the world. The map depicts Christ watching over the world surrounded by a vast ocean. Asia is on the top, Europe on the lower left, Africa sits near to Europe, and Jerusalem in the center.

Psalter World Map features remote, hostile and inhabitable areas known as the monstrous zone, as explained by the Medieval Monsters’ authors. Described as a band of tiny orange and blue compartments, the monstrous zone is located along the coast of Africa. This region stands at the very periphery of the known world, comprising the coldest and hottest parts.

Crop Circle Researcher Says Strange Patterns Can Be Done Within Seconds

A self-proclaimed crop circle expert claims aliens are behind the unexplainable corn field formations and their powers stop cameras from working.

Francine Blake claims she captured a photo of a UFO floating above a circle and says that years of research have shown the mysterious patterns can appear within seconds.

spiritual-crop-circlesMrs Blake, who moved to the southwest of England to learn more about the phenomena in 1987 from her native Canada, also insists she photographed unusual lights and orbs within crop formations in the west country.

Allegedly made by landing UFOs, crop circles had been widely considered one of the biggest paranormal hoaxes in the world since 1991, when hoaxers David Chorley and Doug Bower showed how they made many of the corn patterns appeared across the UK. The pair revealed they flatten corn in a circular design using wooden planks and rope. The two said that they did such formations to tease locals who believed in UFOs.

Later in the 1990s, more circle makers made the most complicated designs of crop circles. However, Mrs Blake doesn’t think these hoaxers could produce highly geometric patterns, which she has documented. She said that such highly intricate formation appeared in just four milliseconds.

During the 25th annual Glastonbury Symposium, she claimed to have scientifically proven the composition of water, soil, and plants during a crop circle formation. She said the burst of energy could stop cameras from working, as well as compasses and helicopters.

Talking about the half-mile long formation that looked like a serpent, she said it affected their camera equipment, and all the film was washed out. According to her, the entire film is blotched and blurred.

Mrs Blake said the power of crop circle could be unsettling and could leave people feeling sick or faint. She showed a picture of a UFO hovering over a formation and other photos that showed strange orbs of light. Their compass was just going round and round in the wrong way, according to Mrs Blake.

Woman UFO Hunter Claims MoD Men In Black Stop Her From Investigating ETs and UFOs

Men in Black, a term use to refer government men who try to intimidate ET and UFO investigators, have been reportedly threatening UFO researchers. British UFO hunter Brenda Butler has claimed that these men made phone calls and visits to stop her from continuing the research into the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident.

Butler made the allegation at a conference to remember the famous Rendlesham UFO sighting 35 years later. In Butler’s 1984 book “Sky Crash: A Cosmic Conspiracy,” co-authored by Dot Street and Jenny Randles, they give a full account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident.

Butler has been one of the leading Rendlesham incident investigators. In 2010, at the 30th anniversary of the sightings, she declared her conviction that there was something from another dimension in the forest.

Butler claimed that the original witnesses saw the lights, followed them, and saw a craft. According to Col. Halt, the government would topple if it ever came out what took place. Meaning, they will never, ever, be permitted to tell the people what really occurred.

Butler said at the conference to commemorate 35 years of the incident that British Ministry of Defense assigned Men in Black to keep an eye on her and her colleagues over the years throughout their frequent visits to Rendlesham in search of proof about ET and UFO activity in the forest.

She claimed to have visited the forest for many years at least once a week and has had close encounters with the aliens. She alleged seeing different beings in the woods, including black cats, little brown monks, disks, craft in the sky, shadow man, and ghosts. She said they saw all kinds of things in the forest.

The government seems not happy about her frequent visits to the woods as part of her investigations to find the truth, Butler claimed. There have been reports by some American officers at RAF Bentwaters Airbase that they saw strange lights and UFOs landed in the forest on the nights of December 26 and 28, 1980.

She claimed that MoD monitored her phone conversations with colleagues as the government tapped her phone. According to her, MoD agents forced her to sign a contract to remain silent about her findings. She also told to stop going to the forest and ask people about Rendlesham.

The actions of the military to bother their investigations even after 35 years of the incident have convinced her that something mysterious had happened. However, the British Ministry of Defence said that they stopped investigating UFOs in 2009 after confirming that such things posed no security threats.

Former MoD official and freelance journalist Nick Pope could not make any sense of the allegations as the MoD axed its UFO project in 2009. Pope can only assume of a misunderstanding and that the MoD only told Butler and colleagues not to trespass on MoD land.