Daytime anomalies in the sky over London, UK – 2008

I live and work at West Norwood, South London. Two summers ago [2008] during daylight above the house where i live i photographed this object [enclosed]. The object took about twenty minutes to pass over the horizon so slow that i did not notice movement. The small object is as i saw it,the others are the same object which i have enlarged.
Author: Mr C D Francis
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  1. Sorry to the person that wanted time/date,i have seen two other objects in my 61 years and giving detail may help with confirmation but we have confirmation from radar,pilots,policeman and still how much further are we down the road?Some may think i faked it,i can do nothing to change their mind,as long as i know what i saw is genuine then thats all that matters isnt it.Mr C.D.Francis.

  2. i saw for over ten minuits and managed to grab freand to look asswell chinese latterns dont fly towards u then fly away in like abig v shape all in front of a plane so theres more that saw it and wen it got really far away. even the hemesphere maybe, it shot left rapidly what could of been big distance then right past center and near enough the same distance the oyher way.almost as if it was

  3. I took a photo of what looks like the same object but with a bit more detail. Taken in Hartlepool on 20/5/15, photo is on the Mufon map.

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