Is this REALLY a UFO being chased down the M5 by RAF fighter jets? ‘Video footage’ captured at a service station

29th April 2010 Update: UFO M5 Jet Chase The Truth Revealed by Creator – link

April 10, 2010 – Footage of two fighter jets chasing what appears to be a UFO has emerged.
The 30-second clip, thought to be shot from a West Midlands service station park, reveals the saucer-shaped craft zipping over the M5, with the two jets in its wake.
Former Ministry of Defence UFO expert Nick Pope told The Sun: ‘This is one of the best videos I’ve seen.
It could be a new drone – that might explain the military jets.
‘But you don’t normally test-fly secret projects in daylight. Alternatively, this could be the real thing – a UFO in our airspace and military aircraft scrambled to intercept, probably due to it being tracked on radar.’
The MOD confirmed it would dispatch fighter jets to combat any air threat but would not comment on the footage, which was shot by an unidentified cameraman.

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13th April 2010 update: Original extended footage

Update: TV interview with Nick Pope from April 12, 2010

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  1. Why does the video stop after 30 seconds, just at the moment the jets arrive ? If the video was real, the person shooting it would have continued filming. Hard to believe this is real…

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