MSNBC: Today show – Do UFO’s really Exist?

August 2010 – People report about 70,000 UFO sightings every year. Are they real? TODAY’s Hoda Kotb previews a “Dateline” investigation of the phenomenon.

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  1. I was visiting Nakorn Sawan Thailand in Oct 2008 when one day I noticed a stationary object in the sky, didnt really pay much attention at first, then after a hour or so I looked again and noticed it was still there. I remember thinking this was unusual and took some pictures with my camera. It was hard for me to judge hight because I didn't know the size of the object but I would say at

  2. I've seen them close up. They are not a threat to humanity anymore, because they already defeated us. Why does man judge to condemn and enjoy doing so? Why do folks have bad relationships and seek power over love? Folks – you are the day after – in a way you are the pod people. War is a substitute for your lives and they did it to you. That's why Christ was sent here.

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