UFO video: UFO fleet over Saratoga County, New York 9-Dec-2010

Latest UFO sightings – This UFO video is making it’s way across the youtube last days. Alegedly it was recorded in Saratoga County, New York on Thursday, 9th December 2010. 
What’s your opinion; UFOs, birds (geese),…?

Your opinion?
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  1. I think it's a huge flock of white birds called white geese, pausing it several times showed what looked like wings flapping. JMHO

  2. People ….these are not birds, these are ship formations!!! we are not alone nor were<br />we ever….wake up people! Amazing video…thanks for sharing!!

  3. Oh come on…..LOLOLOLOL Those are birds. You can even see the difference in movement around the edges of the birds even at that distance with that camera. Please remove this video as it belongs on some bird watchers site. If anything it&#39;s some nice video of some geese heading South.<br /><br />Merry Christmas<br />From Texas

  4. I super think its fake, he could be zooming in on a piece of blue paper bac and forth! wake up people there is no such things as aliens!

  5. Gee…i can&#39;t say for sure but they sure look like birds to me. I see huge flocks of geese/ and cranes that fly over just like these. The sun must be causing their plumage to reflect light.

  6. I&#39;ve seen geese flying overhead. When I lived in the high desert of Southern California, I watched a huge flock of these birds flying high overhead. I read somewhere that, when they migrate, they fly as high as 30,000 feet above sea level. What I saw that memorable day was exactly like the image I just watched. I even heard the birds calling out to each other, because, it was very quiet where

  7. oh dear me. This is a skein of geese – a perfectly normal bird configuration at this time of year. Birds are great at producing phenomena that we terrestrial thinkers think weird – take geese flying through a storm and honking at each other to maintian contact for instance. There are UFOs for sure, but this is not one. Come on people. Less hysteria and more cool observation….

  8. its a normal bird formation. If it was &quot;UFO&#39;s&quot; then they were drunk on something lol. I dont know why any group of flying craft would be in that loose, and unorganized of pattern.

  9. The background music obscures the possibility of identifying the honking sounds of Geese during migration. Then again, depending on the altitude, the size of the objects may be rather large for geese. I think its resolution is too poor to judge exactly what we&#39;re seeing here, but my first response was geese.

  10. @Cranky, you would have to be close minded and very ignorant to believe we are the only life in thousands of galaxies and thousands of planets. Get real, we all know some form of life is out there it is just all about finding out where (Even if its just a small microscopic organism!). So you wake up and believe there are some form of life. No one ever said there are real flying saucers and aliens

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