Stationary UFO above Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada 29-Mar-2011

UFO video 2011 – Unknown object hovering in the night sky over Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. This was taken onTuesday, 29th March 2011.
Witness report: This is the 2nd time I saw this thing from my bedroom window over the Bedford Basin. It doesn’t move up or down, side to side. It doesn’t get bigger or smaller but just hovers in one spot and then is gone in the blink of an eye. Actually, this video ended when I slipped off the bed (laugh, it’s okay, I certainly did) and the five to ten seconds it took to get back in the window, this thing was gone. I’ve never seen a plane over the Basin and living in the area of the city, I hear all the noise from helicopters or the rare plane that flies over.
I’m almost embarrassed to post this but does anyone know what it is?
Author (collaredgrrl @ youtube)

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  1. and I saw it, but I thought it was ridiculous, it appears for some time, but not every night, and sometimes moving, greetings from Halifax

  2. Video was OK but this looks very similar to a sighting in the US that turned out to be a tethered balloon with a lot of lights attached to it. Probably not a UFO.

  3. I live in Bedford nova scotia and Monday December 12th, 2011 at 1:25am AST I was looking out my window ( I live on a hill overlooking the basin) and saw an iridescent green cigar like object with a bit of yellow or gold on the top. My first thought was what is a plane doing flying over the basin as it is not a usual flight path and certainly not at 1 am in the morning. Then the front of the

  4. april 14th 2012 me and and husband seen something in the sky in Truro at 11 15pm…. he is a skeptic but isnt anymore i have been searching the internet in hopes someone else seen it and taped it. the only way i can describe it is, it was low like a plane, no sound at all, it almost looked like a rod with big bright light on the each end that werent white white but more amber one flew right

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