Fast ring UFO filmed over Hurst, Texas 5-May-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Interesting footage of fast ring-shaped UFO flying across the sky over Hurst in Texas was recorded on Thursday, 5th May 2011 at 9:14 pm.

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  1. Wow, looks fake. With the light amp on your camera I would think this object would appear more solid. Even the satellites hundreds of miles away are more distinguishable than the &quot;UFO&quot; in the video.<br /><br />I would say this object was digitally added.

  2. I saw something like that last summer in Hailey Idaho. I was sky watching with my binoculars and I saw an enormous shadowy object similar to this one. Moving fast and pulsing.Almost transparent.Good capture.

  3. I was interested in this sighting as my wife, another road traveler plus myself witnessed a UFO on this day Thursday 5th May 2011,past Dalby QLD Australia, in broad deaylight. The object about the size of an airliner crossed the road from left to right.It was about 500mtrs above the road and about the same distance ahead of us. It was a beautiful blue/green shiny colour, with a white vapour trail

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