Daytime UFO over Chicago, Illinois 12-Jun-2011

LUFOS – Strange daytime object was recorded hovering above Chicago, Illinois. This video was recorded on Sunday, 12th June 2011.

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  1. This technology is ancient and involves placing a gas lighter than the surrounding gasses into a non permeable membrane.It is released like a mighty leviathan frightening the masses with its terrifying gentile movements as is soars into the stratosphere….in other words a collections of balloons.<br />Im a believer in u.a.p&#39;s but people get a grip!!!

  2. The UFO I saw yesterday at around 7:30 PM in Thermalito, ca was square, like a giant black pizza box, and moving in the same way this UFO moves- like it&#39;s on an axis.

  3. The original object may be a balloon but watch very carefully between 1.06 and 1.09 where something flies very fast across the bottom right hand corner (above the name). This was so fast that I could not keep it within a frame. Also at 1.08 there are 3 black dots that appear and dissappear in the middle of the screen.

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