UFOs hovering over Bogota, Colombia 21-Jun-2011

LUFOS – New video of a lot of UFO activity over the city of Bogota in Colombia. This footage was recorded on 21st June 2011.

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  1. the thunderstorm in the background gives the scene such an amazing atmosphere. really nice video of our cosmic brothers..is the are plane flying by ?

  2. Amazing and perfect video. The person who filmed it was just in the correct time. There is another video taken by nasa from the space showing a lot of ufos flying over a big storm with flashings. probability they take energy from storms.Thank you.

  3. Imagnes del Occidente de Bogota, donde se encuentra ubicado el Aorpuerto Internacional ElDorado, por esa rozn se observan estas luces!!! Son aviones aproximandose a las 2 pistas de Aterrizaje!!

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