News CUFOM- Wikileaks: Mayor Confirming Extraterrestrial Life during a Meeting with Ambassador

UFO News – The following is a claimed discovery by the Centro Ufologico Di Benevento Mars group Campano about extraterrestrial life.
Right after several online hackers have attempted to attack the internet site, Julian Assange released the complete archive on the website providing the users the accountability of posting specific details in which they are interested.
The cables are accessible at the link;
The archive is around sixty Gigabyte and there are all types of records and categories, from unclassified to top secret.
We of CUMBG realistically wanted found records regarding extraterrestrial life.
The member of CUBMGC and CUFOM Donatello Guerrera, looking through the various records, discovered one which is really very interesting.
Right after you obtained the archive, at the directory cablegate-201108300212cable20101, there is a document called 10DUSHANBE8.
It is brilliant information, but we of CUFOM are very wise. Every record unveiled by Julian Assange has been always real, however uncomfortable, so why not this? Simply because it is very difficult to take?
Because the psychological proof would likely be damaging in the thoughts of doubters and scientists extremists?
And that is what Cufom is studying; the psychological effect of a possible alien existence and this breakthrough appears to get caught in completely with the ambitious project that the Cufom plan to proceed.
Nevertheless, in that record is a term that appears to be created in a very normal way from Ubaidulloev:
“War is very dangerous,” and “we know there is life on other planets, but we must make peace here first.”
This phrase signifies a drop of piece in a vast totality that is yet to be found, but for now the information appears really interesting. (c) 2011
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  1. What's with the grammar in these articles? Are these babblefish translations? Love the info but I'm hating the poor grammar which doesn't do much for the credibility factor.

  2. This is exactly why I rarely visit this site. Most of the reports a full of bad grammar.<br />Most of the videos are shaky and it would be amazing to see at least one, where the camera operator knows how to use the zoom. Zoom in and out every 2 seconds, and you never get a good view.<br />Most of the language I can understand, it usually filled with cursing, and usually in front of their children

  3. to you last two anonymous people…,yes you do not belong on this website! this website is for believers-not debunkers! no.2, you should not have been allowed to comment! no.3-the both of you are pompous asses!

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