UFO fleet over Macomb County, Michigan 14-Oct-2011

UFO videos – 50 to 100 UFOs were recorded above Clinton Township, Sterling Heights in Macomb Michigan on Friday, 14th October 2011 around 8 pm.
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Witness report: all objects had the same orientation, color, reddish yellow ball(s) of light as bright as the moon, almost pointed at the top, bobbed up and down subtly as they traveled in numerous packs, and or solo every so often, no flashing lights, traveling south to north
Author (YourDrawerness @ youtube)

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  1. What a show-Very clear to me they know they are beeing filmed as well..Im so surprised that some people still think its fake..Wauw- sorry to say it,but WAKE UP,its about time folks.They have a message for us-and for The Us-hehheh.Bgoooood n LOVE everything-that the message as well..

  2. Saw 3 lights same color last night, Sunday the 17th near ortonville/clarkston area. They were in a triangle formation. Now I dont feel so crazy.

  3. I live in London, and I have noticed that someone is shooting at UFOs every night, has anyone else seen this happening anywhere around the world? San

  4. Very pretty Chinese Lanterns!! You'll notice they all seem to come from a central launching point and follow the wind current and the flickering is from the wind as well. Come on people we are looking for REAL UFOs!! Stop sending in junk.

  5. I dont have a video but I did see a UFO flying over Portlaoise, Ireland on Friday 14th October at 8.40-8.45 it was all lit up and it move very quickly and then went through the clouds…it could be a satellite as it was lit up I sent it through to Nasa but heard of nothing….also I have seen a meteorite on fire on May 17th 2011 as well of this year…it is indeed getting weird

  6. I just posted a pic of what i saw on the 17th of oct, few days ago in auburn hills,mi, they are real, no lanterns, the lights were bright as hell, and they were in formation, they did loops etc, something is happening for sure. Either the military has some really cool new crafts or the aliens are hear and want to talk, but it seems that the military desnt want them to talk to us, the people,

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