Contact with Space Aliens Denied by the White House

White House officials responded to a petition demanding the government to disclose to the public the alleged hidden contact with extraterrestrial civilization. Phil Larson of the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy wrote in response to the two online petitions that the U.S. government does not know anything about the evidence on the existence of intelligent alien life form and contact with aliens had never been happened in the past and in the present.
The “We the People” government initiative allows the public to air out their concerns and queries to the government through online petition. The government promised to respond all petitions which have at least 5,000 signatures. The first petition which ask the government to formally acknowledge an alien existence engaging humanity got 12,078 signatures and the other one which requested the administration to disclose the knowledge of the government on the contact with aliens got 5,387.
The government only acknowledge on their support on search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) project. The government said that a lot of scientists and mathematicians have actively search for the existence of intelligent life somewhere in the universe. According to Larson, researchers believe that there is certainly other life outside Earth but to have contact with them may be quite impossible considering the distance from Earth. (c) 2011

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  1. &quot;The government&quot; if you mean the White House don&#39;t know more than any of us.<br />But som parts of the military may know more and will not tell the president or any other leader selected by the people.

  2. It&#39;s useless to petition the government to disclose information on alien life because they will always deny it. People have too much to worry about today with knowing that aliens are surrounding us. What we need are more credible people coming forward so as to convince people, on an individual level, that we are not alone.

  3. Hello. After seeing two saucer craft in May 1961,I didn&#39;t think it was from our civilization.After hearing what Jackie Gleason&#39;s wife had to say about Mr. Gleason coming home from playing golf with then President Nixon:he was all flushed,refused his normal cocktail .He said his whole world overview was shattered.President Nixon and he talked about alien life.Mr. President took Mr. Gleason

  4. Don&#39;t worry about The White House because I have met a good Grey and can tell you they are advanced much more than us. It harmed me in no way and was very pleased to have communicated with me but they do not trust humans and take precautions to protect themselves because most of you panic amd go into hysterics and try to shoot them. It asked me to tell you if you do see them &quot;Do Not

  5. What a waste of time that was! Just like the SETI project!. Aliens already know we are here and are just ignoring us because we haven&#39;t evolved enough.

  6. I&#39;m still here and so are the alien Greys!! You knuckleheads are not alone and nobody is fooling me. I trust the little Greys more than I trust the government and you idiots.

  7. What on Earth is wrong with you people? Why do you have to have confirmation from the biggest liars in this Universe before you accept that you are not alone? Oh. so you believe in God but chronologically the major holy books state the world was created by an invisible spook 4,500CE, in six days, but the bloody dinosaur died out 70,000,000 years ago!!! How do you nitwits explain that? You must

  8. I met 3 men from outthere somewhere in 74/75-looking like us-maybe a littlebit taller.The small grey dudes are as far as I know biological computers..Thats why outopsys show no heart liver&amp;kidneys..They are still being used by humans from other planets..As one said u never know if the Earthlings try to shoot us down..Not that such a thing is possible,they are too advanced to let that happen

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