Possible flying saucer caught on tape over Oakland, California 22-Nov-2011 Update!

UFO videos – This bright disc-shaped object was seen and recorded over Oakland in California on Tuesday, 22nd November 2011. User who uploaded this footage on Youtube wrote that this was filmed this by a woman and a young boy while riding in a vehicle.
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 30th November 2011

UFO Filmed by Occupy Oakland Protester – 22nd November 2011

Witness stated it “Zipped by”…Another video, this time captured by occupy protesters, has emerged of the UFO in Oakland, CA. The first two videos of this object were shot by a woman and young boy who eventually chased the UFO.
The Person who shot this video and sent it to the MUFON youtube channel (who is not affiliated with the “Mutual UFO Network”) stated:
“Flying Saucer Over Oakland; Alien UFO, Korean BBQ. I was visiting an art exhibit that night in the Art Murmur district of Oakland, having just had Korean BBQ. The ship or whatever it was was the size of a small car, and zip past overhead. I ran down the gallery atrium and out the front door. The ship had frozen just over the restaurant across the street. It wavered and pulsed over the restaurant, as if absorbing something. I was startled.”
source: mufon

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  1. Excellent footage. Upon looking at some frames, I see a small concave at the bottom and a antenna looking point, both top and bottom. This design looks like the centrifugal type maginusphere atomic reactor style that is depected in some pre-sumerian era sightings.

  2. Well I commend you on your efforts, Determination, and Enthusiasm, but alas this was just a lit up blimp. Good try, maybe next time it will be the real thing.

  3. Totally nice flying saucer no doubt-Thats ETs no doubt..And on this site u dont find many fakes.U want fakes go to utube a check..And if they wanted to use force,they would have done it loooong time ago..They are not earthlings..The guy who talk about using lazers????They are way beyond that…

  4. On Nov.22,2011 between 10 pm & 11pm I noticed an object seen above hillside along 580 freeway in San Leandro, CA moveing toward Oakland the same night. What made this object stand out was it was a large white lite with a red non blinking lite at back end . But the briteness and clearness was diferant than any either , like when you are driveing and a car with those brite new headlites pulls

  5. Fake or real? It could be little more than someone's remotely controlled heliocraft with some custom enhancements coupled with indistinct focus to make the object appear unusual. I'd like to see an indepth investigation to see if it was real or fake. I can't tell if it was CG imposed on an existing digital recording because I can't slow it down enough. It needs a frame by frame

  6. I don,t know.I don,t think it,s a fake,but that does not mean its a spacecraft.Along with others,I think it needs to be investigated more.Like the poster says"I want to believe".

  7. Type "The Vodka Blimp" into google. You can follow their Tour. It has escaped also and crashed in an Elderly Ladys yard once. Blue stripe and all!!!Lord, help us.

  8. I saw it twice while driving north on I580 from Oakland to Marin. It was extremely bright,lit primarily top and bottom, with a darker (but still illuminated) strip mid point. The oddity for me was watching it appear to ease into the marine layer laying off the Golden Gate Bridge. Other than the odd apparent flight path, I assumed it to be a commercial blimp making it's way around The Bay.

  9. It doesn't look like a blimp because it's rotating. Every time I've seen a blimp, it moves slowly in a straight line. This does look like a saucer-shaped UFO generating its own energy. It certainly isn't any Chinese lantern.

  10. Well this looks more than real to me! i Can say that its one of the better videos i have seen in a long time..Just wish i was there to see it in person!

  11. It's a blimp. If you look close, you will see that there are aviation lights on the rear. In addition it seems to be moving very slowly or not moving at all, which is typical of a blimp. I remember when I was a kid and Goodyear started putting message lights on the outside of their blimps, I thought I had seen a UFO.

  12. looks really fake! and his voice seems to be to relaxed! i would freak out compleatly if i would see somethink like this in real!

  13. The Vodka One blimp was scheduled for SF Nov 11-14 and up to the 19th. This was taken the 22nd, so may very well be the blimp, like the other poster stated…

  14. No way is this the shape of any blimp especially, hangar 1 vodka blimp for a few reasons. 1. no rear tail fins are shown 2. no noise from the engine could be heard. 3. it flew faster than 30-35 mph which is the speed of the blimp 4. it was flown at night and no logo is seen being illuminated, meaning no advertisement 5. blimps don't fly steady as this object demonstrated 6 its light source

  15. this is not a blimp, blimps don't fly sideways, or go low to telephone poles, or zip away and buzz rooftops…..come on people, dang.

  16. its a street lamp you idiots, the light is above a house when he starts, theres another just off screen he dosen't show, he then scans the cam to the left to pretend it flies away, he scans down to a garage, and up again never going back above the house, what an idiot for posting this and it shows how easily people can be fooled, use your brains for once people….pfffff

  17. Lol! That is SO a blimp!! (or THE blimp…hanger 1 that is). It looks like it's moving fast for the same reason the moon looks like it's moving fast when you film it while driving. Sheesh…

  18. Ok, there are a number of isues here. 1, The object in the video is certainly NOT the Vodka blimp, reasons being that a blimp of any kind has a specific shape to them, they are elongated and have tail fins. The object in the video is shaped more like a bell than a blimp. 2, A comment states that it is a street light!! How many street lights do you know that are as high as that? come on people use

  19. On the issue of BLIMP OR NOT BLIMP…first off, SORRY Leecom72, but it's your imagination that's rotating, NOT the object; second, I'd never seen the Hangar 1 Vodka blimp, so I just found some YouTube footage of it, and I officially accuse it of being the object in question; third, if you wish to elevate these videos into a cosmic occurence, howzabout you start with a call to the

  20. okay so i was in my room and some really strange things happened. ive watch a few documentaries on UFOs and i guess some footage and recordings were taken of them talking. well i have a small amplifyer that was unplugged and off yet it started beeping almost like static and then a deep bass voice speaking in a completely different language and everyone in the house haerd it as well. later tht

  21. I actually saw the same BLIMP. That's right, IT'S A BLIMP, PEOPLE! I saw it over Los Angeles just last night. I was driving in East Hollywood and I saw the SAME BLIMP with my very own eyes. IT IS A BLIMP! Same blimp. Yes, it's a blimp. Blimpy blimp blimp blimpity blimp. I believe in UFOs, I've seen them in the sky in Northern Wisconsin. This was not a UFO.

  22. its may 2012.how come this didnt circulate on youtube for a year with any great interest.makes me think people modified tape and had time to do it.more interested about the supposed hoax about 3 huge ships supposedly entering earths atmosphere in november 2012 this year.its a hoax but the ships are on radar photos on google sky.cant wait to see what happens in november.in the meantime enjoy your

  23. I saw this same craft from my deck in montclair last night at about 10:15pm. It was hovering over the edge of the east bay over the oakland flats for about 7 minutes. It was a beautiful craft but the sighting was a terrifying experience.

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