Big Big Foot Show – Paranormal Report 93

Paranormal Report 93: Big Big Foot Show
With Clayton Morris and Jim Harold
1st December 2011

The guys look at a ton of Bigfoot footage, UFO video, and a story we forget right now but you’ll be sure to remember it once you see it!

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  1. The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and<br />inspiration, both of which we all need!b Keep &#39;em coming… you all do<br />such a great job at such Concepts… can&#39;t tell you how much I, for<br />one appreciate all you do!

  2. About the guy shooting bigfoot, this is what I was afraid of. You know, one northwestern state made the killing of bigfoot a crime in case it was discovered that they were actually more human than animal. This was because many people believed that there was a real creature running around in their forests up there. Because bigfoot has long been a source of tabloid papers and ridicule to those

  3. please get this show off of latest…ok? The only times I&#39;ve seen (most likely) real ufo footage on this show, both of them say &quot;Well, must be a new secret nasa craft&quot;. This is what they actually say when they get real video. Watch all of their previous shows (if you can stomach it) and you will see what I mean.

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